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Family mediation has become an effective and recognised method to resolve and prevent disputes.  It is a voluntary and confidential process, which promotes joint decision making, minimising the use of courts.

Our team of Mediators come from a variety of professional backgrounds and have a wealth of skills and experience in Family Mediation and conflict resolution. We are members of the Family Mediation Council and affiliated to the College of Mediators and Resolution.

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Who we can help

  • Married or unmarried couples

  • Separated couples with or without children

  • Same sex couples whether or not in a civil partnership

  • Grandparents who may be experiencing difficulties in seeing their grandchildren

  • Children and young people between the ages of 6 – 19 who may wish to speak to a mediator in confidence about their view of the family situation.

You can find more information on how we can help with specific matters below:

Both parents are encouraged to set the agenda for discussions.  The mediator will ensure that each parent receives the opportunity to speak and to be listened to, while remaining focused on the needs of their children.

Mediation facilitates parents to generate and explore options before making any final decisions.  It can be beneficial to put interim arrangements in place initially, giving parents the chance to put their options into practice and make any amendments while they are in the mediation process.

In Child Mediation, we remind parents that although they may be separating, they will always remain parents.  As mediators, we believe you are the best people to decide your children’s future and mediation can provide the forum for this.

We remind parents that while a Court Order will set out the arrangements for children, it might not address how they are going to manage these arrangements moving forward, or the possible impact that they may have on the children.

Entrenchment can obstruct parents from making progress in working together and cooperating.  It is about supporting you both in taking steps forward rather than standing still or moving backwards!

We will explain the necessity of full financial disclosure to each of you in the MIAM and guide you through our Information Pack for Financial Mediation.

At the beginning of the mediation an agenda for discussions is set.

We will enable you to generate and explore options regarding your goals for the future, incorporating your financial plans.

We will clarify when independent professional advice may be necessary during the mediation process, enabling the making of fully informed decisions.

It is our intention to provide a calm, non- judgemental atmosphere in which to negotiate.

We are accredited by the Family Mediation Council to provide Child Inclusive Mediation. With the written consent of both parents, children over the age of 6 years can be given the opportunity to speak with the mediator.

‘Child inclusive mediation provides opportunities for children and young people to have their voices heard during the process of mediation, to help them feel respected and listened to and, at their request to assist parents or carers to receive, understand and take account of the child’s message and /or suggestions regarding their decisions and arrangements for the child’ CIM, FMC Code of Practice s 5.7.2

How we provide our services

The first step is to meet with the mediator for an individual information and assessment meeting (MIAM), which will usually last between 45 minutes to an hour.

The mediator will explain the mediation process and provide a comfortable and empathetic environment for the client to speak about their situation, regarding children’s issues, property and finance or both as appropriate.

The voluntary nature of mediation ensures that it is up to the client to decide whether they feel mediation might be the appropriate way forward. However, in certain circumstances, the mediator may feel that mediation is inappropriate at that time and will inform the clients.

The Final documents produced in mediation are:

In relation to children’s issues only: An Outcome Statement and/or Parenting Plan.

In relation to finance and property issues: An Open Statement of Financial Information will be compiled which will record your financial situation, which will also include all documentary evidence where possible.

A Memorandum of Understanding will be produced recording your plans for the future, referring to your discussions in mediation and your plans for implementation. This document is a ‘privileged Summary of Proposals’.

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  • Confidential – Nothing you say is passed on to anyone without your consent.  However, if there are significant concerns about the wellbeing and safety of children or adults, the appropriate agency will be contacted.

  • Privileged – what you say during mediation cannot be disclosed in court unless you both agree.

  • Without prejudice – decisions reached during mediation are not binding unless and until laid down in a Court Order, or set out in a legal agreement between you.

  • Inclusive – We can facilitate mediation for all, regardless of age, race, nationality, sexuality, mobility, faith and other such factors. For those whose first language is other than English, interpreter services can be provided.

Frequently asked questions

Unless specified exemptions apply, if you are intending to make an application to the Court concerning arrangements for children or finances on divorce, you will need to have attended a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) within the four months preceding the making of your application.

Information about MIAM exemptions can be found on the Family Mediation Council’s website.

Legal Aid is potentially available for mediation if you prove financial eligibility and provide the required evidence. However, we do not offer a Legal Aid service.

There are various ways to ensure that the decisions you reach within mediation can become legally binding.

You may wish to incorporate your decisions in a formal agreement prepared by a solicitor.  In the event of there being Court proceedings, you might wish to ask the Court to make an order in accordance with the decisions you have reached.  Some people simply ask their solicitors to exchange letters confirming that they treat themselves as legally bound.

All of these options will be considered within the Mediation process.

The fees for a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) are £100.

The fees for Family Mediation thereafter are £100 per person per hour.

You will not be charged VAT.

Our fee will include the cost of a session summary that will be emailed to clients as a reminder of their discussions at the session.

A Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) usually takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Mediation sessions thereafter usually last between 60 minutes to 90 minutes and clients generally attend 1 – 3 Mediation sessions.

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Our Team

Anne Green - Kiddle Palmer Green LLP

Anne Green


Anne qualified as a Family Mediator in 2005 in both Child and All Issues mediation.  She has practised in Northampton and Milton Keynes and has many years of experience in providing the Separated Parenting Information Programme, having completed a Level 3 Award in Education and Training.

Accredited by the Family Mediation Council, Anne is also an accredited Mediator with the College of Mediators.  She qualified as a Professional Practice Consultant in Family Mediation in 2010.  Anne has recently qualified in Children in Mediation, having previously qualified in Listening to Young People and Children, as required by the Family Mediation Council.

Anne Green - Kiddle Palmer Green LLP

Alan Kiddle


Alan has worked as a Solicitor specialising in Family Law for many years. During the 1990’s Alan chaired the South Midlands Section of the Solicitor’s Family Law Association (now known as Resolution).

Alan undertook his training as a Mediator with the College of Mediators some twenty years ago, but as his Family Law legal practice became increasingly successful and sought after, so he became unable to personally involve himself in Mediation as much as he would have liked.  However, as he will be retiring as a practicing Family Law Solicitor this year, Alan is finally able to devote and concentrate his time and expertise as a Mediator.  Alan has seen on a day to day basis the stress that clients face as they go through separation and divorce and recognises that Mediation provides an extremely useful alternative to Court proceedings in many cases.

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